・1F-【Front】【Locker Room】【Spa"Ogikubo-no-yu"】
・2F/ 3F- 【Capsule Room】
・4F- 【Beer& Japanese Sake Bar】
・It is available for guests to use only Spa"Ogikubo-no-yu". (1080yen~ /hour)

4FBeer&Japanese Sake Bar

We prepare craft beer/ Japanese sake, strictly selected by owner and a variety of flitter and side dishes.
You can play a darts and read comics/ magazines for free.
Also, it is available for guests to use as a lounge whenever. Wi-Fi, PC, soft drinks and massage chairs are available complimentary.


Very spacious place: 1m(W)×1m(H) ×2m(D)
Luxury bedding, Wi-Fi, large-size TV screen (24 inch or 40 inch), and other convenient facilities are equipped with the rooms.

  • Capsule Room

    Room Rate
    ・Deluxe Room- 5480yen~
    ・Theater Room- 5980yen~
    ・There are other types of room which are seasonal.
  • Deluxe Capsule

    Room Rate
    ・Deluxe Room- 5480yen~
    ・Deluxe room is equipped with luxury bedding produced by Simmons Inc. Also, it comes with a large 24-inch TV, Windows tablet PC, wireless headphone and other various convenient equipment.
  • Theater Capsule

    Room Rate
    ・Theater Capsule- 5980yen~
    ・In addition to Deluxe Capsule’s equipment, theater capsule is equipped with more larger 40-inch TV. Enjoy the movies in a big screen.
  • Floor which has Relaxed Atmosphere

    Capsule floor has the interior design like a log house. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
  • High Resilience foam mattress

    Try high-grade bedding produced by Simmons Inc. We promise you that you can sleep very comfortably.
  • Large Screen

    All rooms are equipped with a large 24-inch or 40-inch screen. (40-inch screen is available in theater room only.) Enjoy movies in a big screen.
  • Windows Tablet

    Connected a tablet to TV, you can enjoy the movies in a big screen. Also, we recommend you to use tablet for showing around sightseeing spots.
  • Wireless Headphone

    Try a high quality wireless headphone. You can enjoy watching the movies and listening to the music very comfortably in your room.
  • Convenient Amenity Goods

    All rooms are equipped with natural water plastic bottle, outlets, battery charger, alarm and other convenient equipment.


Spa is available 24 hours except from 12p.m. to 4p.m.
Artificial hot spring including more than 40 kinds of rich mineral is effective for refreshing and enhancing metabolism.
Also, mist sauna is installed which is safe and low impact on your body.

Ore's Hot Spring

By using ores from Niigata prefecture, we reproduce Japanese hot spring artificially.
It is effective for neuralgia, rheumatism, low back pain and so on.

  • Artificial Hot Spring

    In the spacious hot spring, have a relaxing time.
  • Mist Sauna

    We introduced the latest type of mist sauna, safe and low impact on your body.
  • Shower Room

    Shower room is completely partitioned, so you can use freely.
  • Japanese Brand Shampoo

    We prepare Japanese brand high-quality shampoo.
  • Bathroom

    Bathroom is equipped with a variety of amenity goods.
  • Dressing Room

    Dressing room is equipped with safe locker, cold drinks and the scales.


Check-in is available from 3p.m. to 12a.m for staying guests, and 24 hours for anyone who wants to use several hours. Anyone who wants to use only “Ogikubo-no-yu” is available also.
There are complimentary locker for valuable items, tea service, and sales of underwear and socks.