Beer&Sake Bar
"Ubud forest"

The concept of “Ubud Forest” is “bar in the wood”.
Not only staying guests, anyone can use here.
There are craft beers and Japanese sake which the owner selected strictly and a variety of side dishes.
Why don’t you talk about sightseeing in “Ubud Forest”??

  • Japanese sake

    There are many kinds of Japanese sake selected strictly by the owner. According to your taste, bar staff select the best for you.

  • craft beers

    There are various countries’ beers, of course German and Belgian. Let’s make a toast for meeting new people!

  • morning curry

    In the morning, we provide complimentary curry; “Fried vegetable& chicken curry” made from curry roux which famous curry restraint uses.

  • Side dish"和惣菜"

    Food suitable for Japanese sake

  • Fritter

    Food suitable for beer is rich in variety.

Complementary Service

We prepare craft beer/ Japanese sake, strictly selected by owner and a variety of flitter and side dishes. You can read comics/ magazines for free. Also, it is available for guests to use as a lounge whenever. Wi-Fi, PC, soft drinks and massage chairs are available complimentary.

  • Soft Drink

  • Comics & Magazines

  • Curry in the Morning

  • Miso Soup

  • PC

  • Massage Chair

  • Wi-Fi


  • Beer & Alcohol
  • Japanese Sake & Alcohol
  • Flitter
  • Side dish