Have a Good Time in Japan, Based in “Anshin Oyado Premier Ogikubo”!!
Ogikubo is very convenient location for sightseeing in Tokyo! : Only 10minutes to Shinjuku on train. Where do you want to go??

Around Ogikubo

“Ogikubo” retains traditional Japanese atmosphere.
There are seven retro shopping streets.
You can taste Japanese popular ramen, visit the old shrines and temples to taste Japanese culture!!
There are various major sightseeing spots located within 15 minutes from Ogikubo station.

  • Ogikubo Shopping Streets

    How about trying shopping in Japanese traditional flavor? Also, there are stylish coffee shops to take a rest. Details
  • Amanuma Hachiman Shrine

    Amanuma Hachiman Shrine is very historical shrine which worships the 15th emperor and the god of water. Details( ※In Japanese )
  • Ootagro Park

    There are beautiful Japanese-style garden and architecture. Especially, autumn fall is awesome! Details( ※In Japanese )
  • Shinjuku

    There are the biggest downtown in Japan,“Kabukicho”, beautiful Japanese-style garden“Shinjuku-gyoen”and a variety of famous brand shops. Here is our
    recommended plan
  • Shibuya

    “Shibuya crossing” is popular spot for tourists, and Shibuya is the epicenter of Japanese young culture. Why don’t you taste Japanese “Kawaii culture”??
  • Ikebukuro

    Ikebukuro is halfway between Ogikubo and Asakusa, Ueno. Sunshine city, symbol of Ikebukuro is famous for the aquarium.

Tokyo Sightseeing

There are many attractive sightseeing spots located within an hour on train from Ogikubo station; Asakusa, Tokyo, Akihabara, Osaiba and Mt.Takao.

  • Asakusa

    Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spots for tourists because of its very Japanese atmosphere. By visiting historical shrines, temples and old architectures, you can enjoy every minute of sightseeing in Japan. Also, a rental of “Kimono” and taking a photo is really recommended! Here is our
    recommended plan
  • Tokyo Station

    Tokyo station connects Tokyo and each local place. Because of its historical brick building, Tokyo station is popular spot of taking picture. You can buy a variety of Japanese specialty goods in the station yard. Details
  • Akihabara

    Akihabara is a center of “Anime” and “Otaku” culture. Also, “high-quality electronical appliances” and “maid café” is popular in Akihabara. There is our sister hotel, “Anshin Oyado Premier Akihabara”. Here is our
    recommended plan
  • Odaiba

    Odaiba is worth visiting once. There are very awesome night view of Tokyo, the famous TV station, the aquarium and the park. Have a good time in the modern bay city, Odaiba!!
  • Mt.Takao

    Mt, Takao is located 45minutes distance on train from Ogikubo. Because of its beautiful view, it is one of the popular mountains in Tokyo and about 2.5 million people visit every year. Details

Tokyo Suburbs

There are many spots you must visit around Tokyo; Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Izu, Kawagoe, Kamakura, Yokohama.
Where are you going to visit among these attractive famous spots??

  • Mt. Fuji

    Mt. Fuji, “the highest mountain” in Japan is popular among mountaineers. Its beautiful view attracts many people regardless of inside or outside Japan. Details
  • Hakone

    Hakone is leading “hot spring” in Japan. You can enjoy the changing view of four seasons; cherry blossom in spring and autumn leaves in fall.
  • Izu

    Izu is popular for bathing beach and diving spot and famous as resort place. Also, there is our series hotel.
  • Kawagoe

    Kawagoe is known as “little Edo” and Japanese old architectures stand side by side. You can feel as if you had traveled in time way back to the Edo period. Details
  • Kamakura

    Kamakura is recommended spot for tourists who want to experience Buddhism culture. There are so many temples and Buddha statues to visit. Details
  • Yokohama

    Yokohama is also very popular sightseeing spot. You can have a good time in “Minatomirai21”, bay area which is famous for beautiful night view, “Red Brick Warehouse” which has an exotic mood and “China town” where visitors can enjoy walking and eating. Details