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"Anshin-Oyado Tokyo OGIKUBO"
–The new-fashioned Capsule hotel in the retro downtown–

Anshin-Oyado Tokyo OGIKUBO is our new style capsule hotel to satisfy you who want to enjoy experiencing Japan From our hotel, you can go to Seven shopping streets in OGOKUBO leaving retro rows of stores and old Japanese style houses on a street. Also, you can go to Shinto-Shrines, Buddhist temples and gardens where are loved by local peoples for a long time In our hotel, the capsule room with the bed made by the luxury hotel purveyor, Simons Inc., the latest equipment such as the latest windows tablet and the large-sized liquid crystal television are available. The wedding a good old Japanese culture and the fusion of the latest Japanese culture you can experience will give a nice memories to you.

Beer&Sake Bar

Café is the place for the Multi-purpose lounge and community space,

At the lounge at night, you can order the various alcoholic drinks including mainly the Japanese sakes which manager has selected carefully as well as free soft drinks Also, we provide you the alcoholic drinks which you can imagine to drink as if you did in the Japanese style pub As for the foods, you can order the appetizing Japanese delicatessens and fritters felt “ Japanese miriage”, meaning to go best with a Japanese sake as nibbles In the morning, we provide you the curry of our own special recipe called “ curry invigorating scent of the woods in the morning” as the breakfast with free of charge. At café, WiFi, laptop Computers a free massage machine and a free dart machine are available. . Please avail yourself of Cafe as your community space, too


Luxury Capsule Room & Artificial Hot Spring

Capsule Room

By transforming from the existing round shape to the square shape, we secured a space that is 1.2 times larger.
The room is equipped with a LCD TV, high quality headphones, and plugs.

Artificial Hot Spring & Mist Sauna

The jet bath that eases physical fatigue and the mist sauna that has less burden on the body.
Helston maifan stone artificial hot spring that contains more than 40 kinds of rich minerals.
The mild bath which also has the skin cleaning effect will warm your body and make you refresh yourself.


Sufficient Free Services

”Anshin-Oyado Tokyo OGIKUBO” provides you the ample hotel facilities and services with free charge such as the latest type lockers for luggage storage and valuables ,“Concierge desk”, ”WiFi”, Morning curry”.etc.


Please stay at ”Anshin-Oyado Tokyo OGIKUBO”and experience Japanese culture !

You can make a booking the ticket packaging the room rate and tickets you can experience a variety of Japanese cultures.

  • Plan of Tour“ Walking along the bustling Asakusa quater wearing samurai costume”We recommend you “Kimono rental plan” for Tokyo tourism.
    In this plan, you can go around ASAKUSA where old Japan lives, wearing a kimono from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During that time, you can try to take a rickshaw , eat Japanese specialty foods. Let's enjoy experiencing Japanese culture to your heart's content!Plan Details
  • We recommend you the three restaurants to make you have a good Japanese nighttime .
    you can appreciate the neo-KABUKI which is the traditional drama performed by male actors at the Theatre Restaurant " ROPPONGI KINGYO " representing Japan << and morePlan Details
  • Shall you try the best Maid Café all over the world‘Maid-reamin’?
    There are 18 stores and over 500 maids run by Maid-reamin around the world.You can experience a superior service with this plan. For sightseeing in Tokyo, for a party, let’s go to Maid-reamin!Plan Details



As for your belongings, you can put your small luggage in the locker by yourself.
Our staff at the front desk keeps only oversized luggage that does not fit in the locker.
Our hotel can keep your belongings from check-in date to check-out date. As for your valuables, please use the safety box.

Check-in, check-out time, extensions.

Check-in begins at 15 p.m. You have until 15 p.m. the following day to check out.
As for the extension fee for your staying, our hotel receives 150 yen per 15 minutes (including tax).

Delay to arrive

When you are likely to arrive later than the scheduled time, then please phone us (+81-3-6633-2952)

Consecutive Stays

In the case that you want for a consecutive stay, you can stay more just as it is.
Please offer our staff at the front desk for it at the time you want for room cleaning when you go out.


Hair dryer, toothbrush, shaving, comb are in the entrance of the large indoor bath and inside the lavatory in front of the floor for capsule unites.
Shampoos, conditioners, body soaps of the Japanese brand are provided inside the large indoor bath.

In the capsule unit

Capsule unit is prohibited to be locked by the law and the key is not equipped.
Therefore, please store your valuables in the safety box. You are free to take earplugs and mineral water provided in the capsule unit.
However, please do not bring the equipment such as the tablet and the headphone etc. out of the capsule unit.
Your cooperation is very appreciated.


1-11-2, Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 167-0043,

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